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How to choose Cellfood?

Cellfood original is the world's leading high-performance oxygen and hydrogen based consumer health product. It enhances nutrient absorption and increases metabolism as well as promotes greater availability of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients. Cellfood can allow the body to function cleanly and efficiently, resulting in an increased energy level over time.
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Cellfood DNA/RNA mainly helps repair and turn back the aging clock of cells and overcome limitations of immune recovery due to stress induced cellular nucleic acid deficiency. It is thus a potent life enhancing combination that helps cells in almost any condition achieve a higher level of function. It contains the proprietary Cellfood formula shown to enhance nutrient absorption. It can also slow & even reverse biological aging. Studies using these nutrients have shown reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, cancer, & birth defects. It contains the "master energy molecule" called ATP (adenosine triphoshpate). ATP has been shown to markedly improve the function of the heart and lungs, relieve nerve pain, reduce the growth of tumors, protect tissues from radiation injury, improve shock survival, and boost athletic performance & muscle function.
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Cellfood SAM-e is the commonly used name for S-Adenosyl-Methionine. SAM-e occurs naturally in every living cell and is a co-factor in a process called methylation that affects more than 100 complex biochemical reactions in the human body. SAM-e helps our bodies make and regulate hormones, cell membranes and the neurotransmitters that affect mood. SAM-e promotes "emotional well-being" as well as "joint health".
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Cellfood MultiVitamins is a powerful nutritional supplement providing all of the essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. This proprietary formulation contains Cellfood which increases the bio-availability of these vitamins and minerals.
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It is important to realize that cellfood itself is not directly combating disease because Cellfood is not a medicine. With medicine, there is a cause and effect relationship. Cellfood is a nutritional supplement and it works with the body's priorities, and starts working where it is most needed.

Thus, we cannot prove that cellfood does any specific thing. The only thing we can say is that cellfood often results in a stronger immune system. We cannot claim that the cellfood cured the person. It only triggered off a process, and assisted the person to strengthen sufficiently in order to fight and resist the disease.

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